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MOOCs Without Internet

MOOCs Without Internet (MOOCsWO.NET) is a project aimed at bringing MOOCs (massive open online courses) to remote areas in the Philippines where there's hardly any usable Internet connection. MOOCsWO.NET courses are accessible via stand-alone wifi. Just deal with the apparent oxymoron. It's the courses themselves we're bringing to remote areas, not the Internet.

Accessing MOOCs w/o Net

1. Point your wifi to moocwonet

2. Open preferred browser

3. Type in address bar

3. Log in as guest (if only browsing the course)

Creating new user (For Admin only)

1. Login as administrator

2. Go to Site administration > Users > Add new users

3. Fill in the necessary details

4. Click Create User

For Bulk User Registration (For admin only)

1. Create Csv file containing lastname, firstname, email, username, password(sample image below)

1. Go to Site administration > Users > Upload Users

2. Drag the csv file in the File section

3. Click Upload users