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These are the steps to deploy or use the Tambayayong eLib Box.

Step 1: Put Together the Components and Power the Device

  • Connect the power supply to the board and plug it to the power outlet.


  • You should see the red LED light on the power side of the Raspberry Pi board. After a few seconds the green LED lights up intermittently.

Step 2: Log in

  • Using your access device (mobile phone, laptop, or tablet), find the wifi hotspot “Tambayayong eLib Box” and connect to it with the password

Step 3: Use your browser

  • open your browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) and point it to

or to

For some devices, loading the site for the first time could take some time. Subsequent access should be faster. If you're able to access the site, that's it!

Join a community of practice. Join the FB Group “Tambayayong eLib” to find other colleagues using the service.

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