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Why an eLibrary System

An eLibrary is a repository of digital resources organized according to the needs of partner institutions. See Tips for eLibrary Contributors.


Institutional Memory, Local Knowledge, Specialized Knowledge

  • an archive of documents, photos, presentation slides, videos, audio files
  • a repository of lesson plans, learning portfolios, records
  • taking stock of local resources and knowledge
  • a repository of specialized knowledge on community concerns (e.g., disaster risk management, solid waste management, project management)

eLearning Materials

  • ebooks (licensed or donated, open resource, creative commons, etc) to augment available analog learning resources.
  • instructional videos
  • multimedia materials

In remote areas with little available up-to-date, quality educational resources and internet connectivity, the need for such materials is even urgent. Paper books are hard to ship to these places.

It also appears that young people, even in rural areas, are getting more comfortable with digital materials, seeking to consume more and more digital contents.

Platform for Sharing

  • electronic resources that can be shared internally or with the public
  • official statements, documents, downloadbles meant for sharing with an audience

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