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Issues in Moodle 3.8.2

Teacher Role

  • In viewing or grading the assignment of students, the progress wheel just keeps spinning and I cannot see the submission.

Solution: press “Change user” option (upper right) and wait for the submitted document to load. See illustration below. (The viewer could just be stuck with a document for which Moodle doesn't have the right viewer. Pdf files should work just fine. Your browser should also display such document type.) Cycle through such “Change user” option, especially if initially the pdf document doesn't load immediately.


Teacher and Student Roles

  • Drop-down Menus do not work / Adding a block does not work.

No 'real' solution yet. Similar bug report here.

Temporary Solution.

1. Install this Chrome extension: Quick Javascript Switcher
2. Right Click and choose Block JavaScript

3. Dropdown menus will have a “Go” button.


4. Disable after each use. Right Click and choose Allow JavaScript