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Uploading Users in Moodle

Step 1: Administrator clicks on Upload Users

As an administrator, go to Site Administration | Users | Accounts | Upload users:

Step 2: Add file containing user information

Add a CSV (comma delimited) file to upload. Each row represents an entry. The topmost row specifies the categories (per column) involved. Here and the fields and data for the ff example:

jdelacruz, 1JDsecret, Juan, De la Cruz,

You may also specify roles and courses the users have to be enrolled in:

jdelacruz, 1JDsecret, Juan, De la Cruz,,teacher,mathintro


  • In field information, avoid special characters like quotes ("") and ň
  • A CSV file can be had from a list on Excel (or any Spreadsheet) by doing “Saved as” and choosing CSV format.
  • Use alphanumeric character combination (capital, number, small letter, special character) for a password.
  • Check settings and default user profile settings. Adjust these settings, only if you're absolutely sure about the need.
  • Additional fields like cohort and course may be added for convenience.

For most cases, you don't need to adjust anything here.

An alternative to this approach is by using their registered email addressed.