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Proctorial is an online exam platform with proctoring capabilities. It seeks to maintain the integrity of online tests, using a multi-faceted approach to educational assessments.


Steps in Taking the Exam

See infographic version of these steps: exam-steps.png


  • Download and install Safe Exam Browser 2.4.1 (Windows). You will take the exam using only that browser. Safe Exam Browser allows the sharing of your entire screen with the proctor during the exam.
  • Register at to fill in your data, including full name, mobile phone, email address, and profile picture. Using your webcam (preferably on the same computer you're going to use to take the exam) upload your profile photo. This will be used as reference image in validating your identity when you actually take the test later on. Your face has to be clear, with no glasses, zero to minimal makeup or anything that tends to alter your face.
  • Visit your Exam Room. You may need an “Room Key” for this. The organizer, accrediting agency, or your designated proctor will contact you to provide the exact web address for your exam room and its room key. You will also be asked to acknowledge and observe the Exam Rules.


Exam Day

  • Enter the exam room using the Safe Exam Browser (at least 15 minutes before schedule) and the Room Key shared with you by the organizer or proctor.
  • Upon taking the exam, take a facial recognition snap to validate your identity using your device's webcam. Your face has to be clear of glasses, makeup or anything that tends to change your face. Press the “validate” button to have the machine validate your identification.
  • Keep your webcam and microphone running the whole time while taking the test.
  • Observe an Honor Code:
"I understand how important it is to make what I am about to attempt all on my 
own. I understand what constitutes cheating or misconduct, and I will not 
undertake such activity or anything that undermines the integrity of this exam.  
In taking this exam, I understand that I am being monitored and will not do 
anything to thwart any of the monitoring measures put in place.  I pledge on 
my honor to follow the Exam Rules.""
  • Keep your mobile phone (registered upon Sign-up) within reach and on vibrate mode, as the proctor may call you anytime during the exam.
  • Observe ALL the Exam Rules.

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Requirements for Test Takers

  • Windows computer with webcam and microphone enabled, with at least 4 GB RAM (8GB recommended) and at least Dual Core 2Ghz processors. Laptops will do (but desktops are recommended for exams that require certain computationally intensive processes like motion and noise triggered video and audio recordings).
  • Safe Exam Browser 2.4.1 (Windows only. Later versions and those for other OS have taken out video recording capability from the browser.)
  • Internet connection with at least 2Mbps (2-way: download ↓ or upload ↑) - not shared with other users, especially when the exam has more proctorial measures put in place (example: more live video observations, video and audio recordings, more user-triggered logs for movements and noise)

Proctorial Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

For taking an exam on Proctorial, the exam taker agrees to be monitored, watched, or listened to during the exam. A video and audio recording of the test taker taking the exam will be immediately deleted once exam results are validated. Any efforts to thwart the monitoring system of Proctorial (including but not limited to: turning off the cam or microphone, using another device to search for answers, plugging in any external storage device, using cameras to photograph the exam, asking someone else for answers) are to be construed as dishonesty that may invalidate a test taker's exam results.

The test taker's personal data will not be stored nor shared beyond the purpose of the exam. The Proctorial staff are processing personal data on behalf of the institution or organization (information controller) authorizing or giving the exam.

Exam Lockdown

Proctorial can maintain a system lockdown during an exam. Such lockdown may entail any or all of the following:

  • only one access device allowed
  • only one browser to use, with only one tab available
  • only one screen allowed
  • forced fullscreen
  • printing disabled
  • clipboard disabled
  • cache cleared
  • download disabled
  • external storage device disallowed
  • no re-entry allowed

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