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Proctor Code of Conduct


  1. The Proctor shall help ensure that the exam is conducted with utmost integrity.
  2. Proctors shall exert all reasonable efforts to verify the test taker’s identity at any given time during the exam.
  3. The Proctor will make reasonable accommodations to ensure fairness in the conduct of the test or assessment.
  4. Proctors will start test taker check-in and the exam as scheduled.
  5. The Proctor shall never leave an exam session unsupervized.
  6. Proctors shall observe or monitor test takers according to the parameters or rules set for the exam.
  7. Proctors shall respect the privacy and confidentiality of every test taker.
  8. The Proctor will interact with test takers only when necessary but always in a courteous, fair, professional, and nondiscriminatory manner.
  9. The Proctor shall terminate the exam session for any test takers caught violating the Exam Rules.
  10. The Proctor will only respond to test takers' concerns about the exam setup or conduct and never to concerns about exam questions themselves. Nor will the Proctor be allowed to speculate on assessment outcomes.

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