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How to Set Up Safe Exam Browser (Teacher/Proctor/Examiner Role)

Download Safe Exam Browser

1. Go to Safe Exam Browser (SEB) to download its latest release.

2. Install Safe Exam Browser.

Create Course and Quiz

1. Login at your LMS set up for Proctorial (

2. Create a quiz.

3. In Quiz settings, click Extra restrictions on attempts, then click on Show More

4. Click Browser Security and choose Require the use of Safe Exam Browser

5. Save and return to course

Create Safe Exam Browser configuration file

1. Open SEB configuration tool

2. Get the quiz URL (Sample screenshot below)

3. Set Start URL in SEB configuration tool using the quiz URL

4. Click Config File and choose configuring a client

5. Set Password and confirm password settings

6. Click Save Settings As, to export settings file.

7. Upload settings file to your LMS

For much later Moodle LMS 3.9 version, this set-up is no longer be necessary. Consult with the moodLearning Support Team ( on this matter.