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Sample Exam Rules


  1. The exam starts at 08:30am, June 19, 2020 and ends at 11:30am, June 19, 2020. Using Safe Exam Browser and Room Key, log in and go in your designated Exam Room at least 10 minutes before the exam starts. Exam time will not be adjusted for late comers.
  2. The exam itself is accessible only using Safe Exam Browser. Do not attempt to access the exam using any other browser or another monitor.
  3. Taking the exam requires your identity to be verified by comparing a photo snap of your face with your reference profile picture taken upon sign-up at Proctorial.
  4. Observe silence during the exam. Any form of verbal or non-verbal communication during the exam is disallowed.
  5. Your mobile phone must be kept on vibrate mode and within reach. During the exam, it shall take possible calls from your proctor's number: +639 917 555 6666. During the exam, it shall not be used any purpose other than communicating with the proctor or exam helpdesk.
  6. No other communication or computing devices (tablets, laptops, Apple watch or equivalent, other mobile phones, etc.) are allowed in the area during exam.
  7. The consumption of food and drink is not permitted during the exam.
  8. Your computer's webcam and microphone should NOT be turned off during the exam. You are being monitored during the test.
  9. You must be seated comfortably during the exam, minimizing unnecessary movements and noises.
  10. You are not allowed to leave your seat during the first 30 minutes of the exam.
  11. Toilet break is allowed only once and up to 3 minutes only. It can be initiated by placing your hand on your chest for at least 3 secs.
  12. Questions regarding the conduct of the exam may be asked by raising your hand holding your phone for at least 3 secs and calling the Proctorial Helpdesk at +63 917 666 5555. No questions regarding the exam questions themselves shall be entertained.

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