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Privacy Options with moodLearning

moodLearning respects people's data privacy in no uncertain terms. We seek to be transparent in our data processing, collection, retention, sharing, and disposal practices. To the extent feasible, we enable our users to opt in or out of our services, subject to the requirements of data controllers on whose behalf we process personal information. At the very least, we want our users to be aware how their personal data are being handled. Below are examples of measures we take to respect your data privacy.

Learning Management System

Upon enrollment in a course, we declare what personal information is being collected and how it is being used or shared.

Upon course enrollment, opt-in option on the sharing of personal information

On your profile, you may choose to hide your email address from other users:
\\ You may show or hide your email address.

Mobile Apps

KoSaKa provides an option to post anonymously.

KoSaKa allows posting anonymously.

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