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Google Form-to-Calendar Sync

Go to

Create a form with these questions:

  • Event Title
  • Event Start Date and Time
  • Event End Date and Time
  • Event Location
  • Event Description
  • Add Guest

Once done, go to Responses then click “View responses in sheets”

Rename title of the sheets

Go to tool>Script Editor

Resources > Libraries

Include moment.js

Here's the key: MHMchiX6c1bwSqGM1PZiW_PxhMjh3Sh48

Type this code.


 var moment = Moment.load();
 var GLOBAL = {
//the id of the form we will use to create calendar events 
formId : "14WoTH-2Uq3tpqPpd2Z19S7OQjOyurri7GaVPsKZRg3w",  
//the id of the calendar we will create events on
calendarId : "[email protected]",
//a mapping of form item titles to sections of the calendar event
formMap : {
  eventTitle: "Event Title",
  startTime : "Event Date and Start Time",
  endTime: "Event End Time",
  description: "Event Description",
  location: "Event Location",
  email: "Add Guests",
function onFormSubmit() {
var eventObject = getFormResponse();
var event = createCalendarEvent(eventObject);
function getFormResponse() {
// Get a form object by opening the form using the
// form id stored in the GLOBAL variable object
var form = FormApp.openById(GLOBAL.formId),
    //Get all responses from the form. 
    //This method returns an array of form responses
    responses = form.getResponses(),
    //find the length of the responses array
    length = responses.length,
    //find the index of the most recent form response
    //since arrays are zero indexed, the last response 
    //is the total number of responses minus one
    lastResponse = responses[length-1],
    //get an array of responses to every question item 
    //within the form for which the respondent provided an answer
    itemResponses = lastResponse.getItemResponses(),
    //create an empty object to store data from the last 
    //form response
    //that will be used to create a calendar event
    eventObject = {};
   //Loop through each item response in the item response array
   for (var i = 0, x = itemResponses.length; i<x; i++) {
   //Get the title of the form item being iterated on
   var thisItem = itemResponses[i].getItem().getTitle(),
      //get the submitted response to the form item being
      //iterated on
      thisResponse = itemResponses[i].getResponse();
  //based on the form question title, map the response of the 
  //item being iterated on into our eventObject variable
  //use the GLOBAL variable formMap sub object to match 
  //form question titles to property keys in the event object
  switch (thisItem) {
    case GLOBAL.formMap.eventTitle:
      eventObject.title = thisResponse;
    case GLOBAL.formMap.startTime:
      eventObject.startTime = thisResponse;
    case GLOBAL.formMap.endTime:
      eventObject.endTime = thisResponse;
    case GLOBAL.formMap.description:
      eventObject.description = thisResponse;
    case GLOBAL.formMap.location:
      eventObject.location = thisResponse;
    case = thisResponse;
return eventObject;
 function createCalendarEvent(eventObject) {
//Get a calendar object by opening the calendar using the
//calendar id stored in the GLOBAL variable object
var calendar = CalendarApp.getCalendarById(GLOBAL.calendarId),
    //The title for the event that will be created
    title = eventObject.title,
    //The start time and date of the event that will be created
    startTime = moment(eventObject.startTime).toDate(),
    //The end time and date of the event that will be created
    endTime = moment(eventObject.endTime).toDate();
  //an options object containing the description and guest list
  //for the event that will be created
  var options = {
  description : eventObject.description,
  guests :,
  location: eventObject.location,
try {
  //create a calendar event with given title, start time,
  //end time, and description and guests stored in an 
  //options argument
  var event = calendar.createEvent(title, startTime, endTime, options)
  } catch (e) {
    //delete the guest property from the options variable, 
    //as an invalid email address with cause this method to 
    //throw an error.
    delete options.guests
    //create the event without including the guest
    var event = calendar.createEvent(title, startTime, endTime, options)
  return event;   

For formId, copy the code in form url

For the calendarId, create a new calendar then go to Settings > Interate Calendar, you will see the Calendar ID there.