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Digital Archiving

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This is a training workshop on low-cost digital archiving projects for cultural groups and community-based organizations. See digital-archiving-workflow.

Versions: short (3 hrs), long (6 hrs).


At the end of the training workshop, the participants shall have

  • acquired basic skills to take stock of cultural resources in the community;
  • learned to digitally document events and artifacts;
  • learned to archive photos, videos, documents, and other digitized/digital resources.


  • Participants are required to install the apps indicated in the Tools section below BEFORE the workshop.
  • Materials: various digitized old photos, photos taken by smartphones, journal articles, pdf docs, short video clips, ISBNs or DOIs of references



  • a network-enabled laptop or computer desktop for each participant
  • smart phones for taking pictures or for scanning of pictures and documents
  • flatbed scanner (optional)



  • Internet access (recommended)
  • account at (recommended)


  • media files (pictures, images, video, documents)
  • references with DOI, ISBN info


  • creating metadata
  • building collection
  • syncing collection
  • peer-reviewing metadata
  • linking files with metadata
  • backing up source files, preservation files
  • aggregating collections
  • repository building
  • scanning documents
  • referencing in documents
  • publishing metadata
  • exporting/importing metadata

Core Workshop Outline


1. Workflow and Data Management

2. Zotero and Management of Metadata
2.1. Zotero entries
2.2. tagging and indexing in Zotero
2.3. media types in Zotero
2.4. syncing metadata via
2.5. publishing metadata

3. File Sharing and Backup 
3.1. Sharing collection using Resilio Sync
3.2. Backup using Resilio Sync


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