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Tambayayong eLibrary System (TeLS)


The Tambayayong eLibrary System (TeLS) is a locally-networked repository system suitable for organizations or places where the interweb is non-existent or at best spotty. It hosts digital resources primarily for K-12 and secondary education but can also be used in other instructional settings or in tandem with other knowledge management systems. Initially the System is meant to be a support system for less-privileged schools. The Project is driven by a partnership between a school and the Project champions.



  • router with DHCP service (see also router-notes)
  • wifi access point (if router has no wifi and the repository is to be made available via wireless connection)
  • computers

Direct cost estimate of equipment for the basic system is about Php 80,000 (USD 1,580) per site with existing LAN and workstations.


The contents on the eLibrary System are provided for by partner institutions. They are collected based on the specific instructional needs of the partner school. The System is also meant to be a repository of institutional memories of the school or the community where the school is located.

In some installations, TeLS may include the contents from the Library In a Box Project.


Essential Steps


  • server setup (for system administrators only. Others, don't bother.)

Client Access

__ Set up your host address on your access device (laptop, mobile phone, tablets, etc.). For Android, use Hosts Go to enter this value (or some other numbers advised by your site administrator)

For Windows, use the Hosts File Editor app. Or, as administrator, enter the same value in Windows|System32/drivers/etc file (Windows 7 or 8 OS). For Mac, under /etc/hosts.

In some installations, the system has already mapped this for you. In this case, no further adjustment is needed.


  • Number of simultaneous users. This is limited by the kind of wifi access point, network devices, and server used for the infrastructure. Also limiting access are the access devices used by users.

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