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Tambayayong eLibrary Project Sustainability


Tambayayong eLibrary System

  • The hardware that runs the TeLS is expected to break in 3 years. But utilization mileage can vary. Project champions are encouraged to start looking for resources the soonest to back up the contents of TeLS and replace or upgrade the system in due time. The hardware may also last longer if they are maintained with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

Tambayayong eLib Box

  • maintenance issues are covered here.
  • We don't have our own baseline info yet from the field on the wear and tear of the hardware that runs eLibrary in a Box. But reports elsewhere indicate the microcomputer Raspberry Pi can run up to 3 years. So keep your fingers crossed. The odds of the hardware not breaking should also improved if it's on a UPS.
  • The microSD card used in the Library in a Box is expected to break ahead of the microcomputer itself. So standby replacements are in order.

    Newer, bigger-capacity cards are also needed to accommodate more, newer materials for periodic updates.

eLib Contents

  • Contents on the TeLS are self-curated by host institutions or schools. Partners are encouraged to have their own curation program, preferably led by their own librarians.
  • Contents on the eLib Box are curated by Tambayayong Mainit. But other organizations can fork the system to include a different set of contents. For the “official” periodic release of the system, the latest version is supposed to be better than previous ones.
  • Suggestions to improve the contents of both TeLS and eLib Box contents may be posted via this online form.

    Teachers and librarians should take the lead in determining the contents of the eLib.