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Library In a Box - a PH Iteration




Current contents: see Contents from the original UNIMAS Library in a Box:
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These are appropriate for K-12 deployment.

For demo purposes, additional contents for the PH iteration include:


For some groups interested in philosophy:


The collection can be customized or curated according to the needs of host institutions.

For further revision of the eLibrary Box, suggest contents here.


  • LAN/Wifi only
  • Wifi Access Point: “Tambayayong eLibrary Box” / Password: tambayayong

    You may get some message saying “Internet service not working”. That's ok. We don't need the internet here.
  • browser access: point your browser to or (note: this does not work outside the local network nor on the internet).


Approximate costing here. Go for faster micro SD card (at least Class 10). But note that quality and price can wildly vary. Watch out for “fake” cards that break quickly. Unfortunately, the only definitive way to find out is to actually sample them.

 Micro SD SDHC 64GB Class 10                                 P 1,200
 Raspberry Pi 3 Model B 1GB RAM 64Bit Quad Core Starter Kit  P 2,800


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