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Businesses and organizations can avail of SerbizHub Email accounts on a subscription basis. The accounts are custom emails and use the name of the organization as an account's domain name. An organization named “Example” will have an email address “[email protected].”

Contact [email protected] to request for quotations.


_ SerbizHub Email has these advantageous features:

  • accessibility using diverse devices (mobile, desktop client, website)
  • unlikely to be mistaken for a spam because SerbizHub Email accounts are perfectly set up and properly signed and authenticated. Test it for yourself here!

To avoid your email being tagged as spam, follow these tips.

  • numerous message filter options, including sending copies of received messages to your other email accounts
  • robust backup system. In a rare event that the main SerbizHub Email goes down, gets congested, or becomes unreachable, messages sent to our accounts get automatically routed to a backup Mail Exchange server. So no missed mail!
  • regularly scanned for security and privacy threats. Viruses and malwares are quarantined automatically.
  • Groupware with Calendar, Addressbook, Events, Tasks. See SerbizHub Mail Groupware - Screenshots. Events are downloadable as WebDAV ICS or WebDAV XML that can be integrated into your existing calendar apps.

Events can have Invitees and Slots. _ GroupWare is compatible with Microsoft Outlook and ActiveSync.

Configuration With Mail Clients

For your access device, you may configure your mail client using these settings.

Process Flow

Ignore this section if you're not keen on learning about the intricacies of email communication. It's not as simple as it looks. This is how our emails flow (graphic by iredmail):
See technologies-used-in-serbizhub-mail.


Technical Support: [email protected]