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Tips for sending non-spammy emails

  • Maintain good reputation for your important email accounts. Don't use them for shady purposes. Spams that get sent from official email addresses may reflect poorly on your organization or business. It also takes time to establish reputation for an email service, but quickly it can be banned if it keeps sending shady contents.
  • Don't send bulk emails as cc or bcc. Unless you're absolutely sure about it, putting in numerous cc addresses may constitute bad manners because the email addresses get exposed to others and can be harvested for purposes other than the intended. It may not be respectful of other people's privacy.
  • Properly send bulk emails using a mailing list, with an option for your intended recipients to unsubscribe. To set up a proper mailing list under your official domain name, contact moodLearning at [email protected].
  • Avoid forwarding a forwarded email without cleaning up or snipping non-essential parts. If you really need to forward something, remove certain parts or certain email addresses that may be immaterial to the message. Lessen the clutter.
  • Check if in the first place your service has already been considered a source of spam: DNSBL Database