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Recommended Mail Clients

  • For Desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux): Thunderbird. SerbizHub Mail also works with your native mail clients.
  • For mobile, just use your mobile device's native mailer. Use the above settings for your iOS, Android devices.

See similar Setup screencast below. Just use the appropriate values indicated above.

This screencast also demonstrates how to back up your emails or have them available offline. Backed-up emails may be set aside in another folder as a snapshot repository.

Using Gmail as Mail Client

To use Gmail as a mail client to access your mails at, go to Settings
to indicate an email account to be imported or used in Gmail.
Provide details.
Note of the port number (995).

You'll be asked to provide a confirmation code sent to your source email address. _
Check your source email to get this code.

You'll also be asked whether you want your future mails sent (outgoing emails) using the same old mail server. And if yes, you'll have something like this

Finally check the availability of your imported emails.

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