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peopleSuite is a full-fledged human resource information service. It features Time and Attendance, Leave Management, Payroll, Performance Evaluation. peopleSuite–via its middleware–can integrate biometric devices into its system to automate time and attendance recording.

See peopleSuite Brochure for details.


peopleSuite LoginLogin or access credentials are given by the MoodLearning team assigned to run the peopleSuite installation at your establishment. Personnel access to peopleSuite may also be designated to the HR or IT Department of your company

In some cases, peopleSuite access is the same as your access to your company online services like email.

peopleSuite is accessible using your standard modern browser like Chrome or Firefox. Its address will depend on your company installation. Check with your IT or HR Department for guidance.


Once logged in, your default screen is the Dashboard, where you'll have access to menus relevant to your role.

More prominently you'll see links to your Timesheet. You can also access your Leave options.

Time and Attendance

Your Daily Time Record is viewable under the Time tab.
Your Attendance is tracked through this window.

If your company has subscribed to the peopleSuite biometric integration service, your Time In/Out records using your company's biometric devices should show up here. Otherwise, it's going to be web-based manual attendance checking on peopleSuite.


Your leave options are under Leave tab.

On this tab, you'll find your leave entitlements and your Leave Usage Report. See also: "How to access your leave card".

Mobile Access

peopleSuite is also accessible using Android mobile devices.


Personnel Information

Update Personnel Information

This Personnel Information Management (PIM) module is compliant with Civil Service requirements.

Leave Management