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peopleSuite middleware

The peopleSuite middleware is an app that sits between peopleSuite (HRIS) and biometric or RFID devices. It enables an organization to gather the time and attendance of its employees and integrate the information into the peopleSuite, a human resource information system (HRIS). The peopleSuite has time and attendance, payroll, and personnel information management modules.



  • recording of login/logout instances by employees, with the use of either fingerprints or RFID cards
  • aggregation of records from different time and attendance devices
  • multi-entance, multi-exit; multi-in, multi-out. This goes well in buildings or offices with multiple entrances and exits.


client or implementation site:

How it works


Each biometric or RFID device talks to the peopleSuite middleware that in turn communicates directly with the peopleSuite HRIS (Human Resource Information System), if there's available network connection. If not, the middleware keeps the log data and re-attempts to connect to the peopleSuite HRIS through its Aggregator Table that will compile log information from various IDing devices before finally incorporating the information into the HRIS. This assures fault tolerance in an otherwise robust networked environment.

The peopleSuite middleware works for either cloud or on-premise installation of peopleSuite HRIS.

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