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Physical Assembly of KAISIPAN / TAMBAYAYONG Box


These components can be purchased directly from Lazada and Shopee, or Amazon or some other online stores:

  • Raspberry Pi 4B (4GB RAM)
  • microSD card (128GB, Class 10 or faster, preferably branded). This should be a copy of a prepared disk image of the Box that contains the OS, the LMS, and the materials (See How to Prepare a Kaisipan Box Image).
  • Power Supply for Raspberry Pi 4B
  • aluminum casing

Price estimate: ~ Php7,500.


  • Allen key

Physical Assembly

Once properly put together and turned on, the box will have a WIFI access point “”. To access the eLibrary collection in the box (WITHOUT Internet connection), point your browser to To access the LMS on the Box, point your browser to


Please geolocate your deployment of the Box, so we can put you on the map. One way to geolocate a school, for instance, is to use a mobile app called UTM Geo Map. Send the coordinates and the name of the school or institution to [email protected]. Sending pictures of students and teachers (with their permission) using the Box would be nice as well.

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