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How to Prepare a Kaisipan Box SDcard Image

1. Download a compressed image of the SD Card from

2. Decompress the file. On Windows, you may use 7-zip. On macOS terminal:

gunzip kaisipan-box-20200609.dmg.xz

The resulting file is kaisipan-box-20200609.dmg

3. Copy the disk image into the SD Card. On Windows, you may use balenaEtcher. On macOS terminal:
3.1. Determine device number of the drive where the new SD Card is mounted, so you can copy the downloaded image to such disk:

diskutil list

3.2. Assuming that the SD Card is on /dev/disk4, you may have a subpartition (say, disk4s2) that you need to unmount:

diskutil umount /dev/disk4s2

3.3. Copy the image:

sudo dd bs=1m if=<directory>/kaisipan-box-20200609.dmg of=/dev/rdisk4

3.4. Once done, dismount the disk properly:

diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk4



Please geolocate your deployment of the Kaisipan Box, so we can put you on the map. One way to geolocate a school, for instance, is to use a mobile app called UTM Geo Map. Send the coordinates and the name of the school or institution to Sending pictures of students and teachers (with their permission) using the Box could help in the documentation of the Project.

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