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How to Prepare a Kaisipan Box SDcard Image

1. Download a compressed image of the SD Card from

2. Decompress the file. On Windows, you may use 7-zip. On macOS terminal:

gunzip kaisipan-box-20200609.dmg.xz

The resulting file is kaisipan-box-20200609.dmg

3. Copy the disk image into the SD Card. On Windows, you may use balenaEtcher. On macOS terminal:
3.1. Determine device number of the drive where the new SD Card is mounted, so you can copy the downloaded image to such disk:

diskutil list

3.2. Assuming that the SD Card is on /dev/disk4, you may have a subpartition (say, disk4s2) that you need to unmount:

diskutil umount /dev/disk4s2

3.3. Copy the image:

sudo dd bs=1m if=<directory>/kaisipan-box-20200609.dmg of=/dev/rdisk4

3.4. Once done, dismount the disk properly:

diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk4



Please geolocate your deployment of the Kaisipan Box, so we can put you on the map. One way to geolocate a school, for instance, is to use a mobile app called UTM Geo Map. Send the coordinates and the name of the school or institution to [email protected]. Sending pictures of students and teachers (with their permission) using the Box could help in the documentation of the Project.

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