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deid scrubs free-text records by masking or removing identifiers. The package includes the code and dictionaries for automated location and removal of protected health information (PHI).

The app requires prior Perl 5 (or later) installation. For mac users, no need for further installation. For Windows users, please use “perl -v” command on the commandline to check if Perl is available. If not, please install this.


Sample use on the command prompt:

  $ cd deid
  $ perl id deid.config

For more info, see its Manual. Finetune the app for your needs by modifying its dictionaries and lists of names and other identifiers.


De-identification (by preudonymization) of free-text medical records involving Protected Health Information according to HIPAA Privacy Rules. “Detected identifiers are replaced by randomly generated substitutes. Consistency of the data is preserved as the same name, phone number or location will always be mapped to the same replacement.”


This app requires prior Java installation. Check here to verify if your computer has Java.

Deidentify is a buggy app. But it's a good code base for further development. If “Process File” option doesn't work, use “Batch Process” instead.

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