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_Blearn is a custom e-training platform. It enables teachers and trainors to run courses efficiently using instructional tools (quiz, blog, games, assignments), collaboration tools (wiki, group work, forum), assessment tools, performance monitoring.
Blearn gives flexibility of instruction, allowing students access to training materials and activities when and how they want them, and giving instructors the advantage of extending participant engagement beyond the initial training conditions. See also Brochure.

Blearn Mobile

Blearn Mobile is a gateway app for e-learning platforms supported by moodLearning, including UP Open University's MyPortal, Blearn, MyeTraining, and other moodLearning-supported corporate LMS sites.

Get Blearn Mobile from [[|{{ :googleplay.jpg?direct&90 |googleplay.jpg}}]]_

For some installations (usually corporate), Blearn Mobile now incorporates eCoach for coaches or mentors to use. It provides progress reports (like grades, submissions, feedback, etc.) on their mentees. These mentees can be tracked across courses on the LMS.


1. Site
Use a six-digit company code to access your learning management site (example: “111222” for UPOU's MyPortal; “111111” for; “770011” for UP Cebu; “770022” for UP Tacloban; “123456” for Blearn site itself.)


2. Login Screen
Your login credentials provided by your LMS administrator may be used here.

3. Dashboard
The Dashboard lists the courses you're enrolled in.

4. Menu
The Menu gives you access to your personal files, calendar, messages, grades, shortcuts.

5. Course Screen
Once you're in a course, you see a menu of choices of resources and activities.


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