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mL eCoach

moodLearning eCoach is a specialized platform for running eCoaching programs. It's a layer on moodLearning-powered learning management system (LMS).

With mL eCoach, certain users can be assigned as coaches or mentors who can be given access to progress reports (like grades, submissions, feedback, etc.) on their mentees. These mentees can be tracked across courses on the LMS.

Notifications can also be set for certain indicators (for instance, if the mentee has not logged in 5 days).

Get it as part of Blearn from [[|{{ :googleplay.jpg?nolink&90 }}]] _
NOTE: You need a company code to be able to use Blearn mobile with your LMS. Get it from moodLearning Support ([email protected]).




Assign mentors: _

Monitor mentee performance across courses: _

Monitor performance among mentees across courses: _

mL eCoach Mobile

On your mobile device, mL eCoach can be used to capture video of your activity to be evaluated by your peers, your coach or mentor.

Login to your account.


Navigate your way to the video assignment. Add video submission.


Choose to open the camera and record a video or browse video files to upload: ___ After the student successfully sent a video, the teacher now reviews, rates and grades the video.

Navigate your way to the video for eCoach which will prompt teacher to grade the submitted file. Select Submitted to view the student who sent a video.


Here you can either download by clicking on the cloud button beside it or stream by clicking on the video icon.


Rate the performance, Grade the mentee and give some feedback to his video, then hit Save when done.


See more-ecoach-mobile-screenshots

Use Cases

  • Sales Coaching - recording role plays, simulating sales scenarios; skills demo; sales call tag-alongs; sales on-boarding
  • Sports Coaching - recording practice sessions, simulating game scenarios for assessment by coaches

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