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Integrating Zoom Meeting in My.eTraining.PH consists 3 parts: Zoom Administration side, My.eTraining Site Administration side, and Course Management side.

1. Zoom Administration side

Once logged in, go to to install LTI Pro.

ZOOM LTI Pro installed and ready to be configured.

2. My.eTraining Site Administration side

To enable Zoom Meeting tool site-wide, go to Site Administration | Plugins | External Tool | Manage Tools to get to these settings:

Enable the Zoom Meeting tool site-wide by configuring it manually.

Then you'll get to the External Tool Configuration that includes the following options:

Paste into this screen data from your Zoom LTI Pro Configuration

Here you need to paste the following info from your Zoom LTI Pro Settings

  • LTI Key
  • LTI Secret

to fill in your “Tool URL”, “Consumer key”, “Shared secret” data fields respectively.
Make sure you pick “Embed without blocks” under Default launch container.
You'll know the site-wide setup is successful, as you'll see the tool appears in the Manage Tools screen.

Zoom Mtg tool successfully set site-wide

3. Course Management side

Turn editing on | Add an activity or resource | External Tool. Set the “Preconfigured tool” option to the name of your Zoom Mtg tool:

Disable the “Accept grades from the tool” option.
Once successfully set, the Zoom-in-My.eTraining.PH window will show if you click on the Zoom activity you configured for the course.

On this screen, you can schedule your meetings

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