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Integrating Zoom Meeting in My.eTraining.PH consists 3 parts: Zoom Administration side, My.eTraining Site Administration side, and Course Management side.

1. Zoom Administration side

2. My.eTraining Site Administration side

To enable Zoom Meeting tool site-wide, go to Site Administration | Plugins | External Tool | Manage Tools to get to these settings:

Enable the Zoom Meeting tool site-wide by configuring it manually.

Then you'll get to the External Tool Configuration that includes the following options:

Paste into this screen data from your Zoom LTI Pro Configuration

Here you need to paste the following info from your Zoom LTI Pro Settings

  • LTI Key
  • LTI Secret

to fill in your “Tool URL”, “Consumer key”, “Shared secret” data fields respectively.
Make sure you pick “Embed without blocks” under Default launch container.
You'll know the site-wide setup is successful, as you'll see the tool appears in the Manage Tools screen.

Zoom Mtg tool successfully set site-wide

3. Course Management side

Turn editing on | Add an activity or resource | External Tool. Set the “Preconfigured tool” option to the name of your Zoom Mtg tool:

Disable the “Accept grades from the tool” option.
Once successfully set, the Zoom-in-My.eTraining.PH window will show if you click on the Zoom activity you configured for the course.

On this screen, you can schedule your meetings

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