moodLearning Wiki

Configurable Reports


1. Download the Configurable Reports installation file

2. Login as Administrator

3. Click Site Administration/Plugins/Install plugins

4. Drag and Drop the zip file you downloaded then click Install Plugin from the Zip file

5. Click Continue

6. Click Upgrade Database

Creating a Report

1. Add an instance of the Custom Reports block named Configurable Reports

2. Click on “Manage reports”

3. Click on “Add report”

4. Enter a name, a description and choose “Users report” as Type of Report

5. Add a Column called “User profile field”

6. Choose the field “firstname” and enter a name for the column in the text field. You can leave the rest of elements blank.

7. Repeat the process above for the lastname and city fields.

8. Add a Column called “User module actions”.

9. Choose a module from the list

Creating a SQL Report

1. Click on “Manage reports”.

2. Click on “Add report

3. Enter a name, description, choose “SQL” as Type of Report (The report will be saved and you redirect to the first Tab named “Custom SQL”)

4. Add a Query.