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SerbizHub Mailing List Service is provided as a means of communicating with our partners or as a public service. Rules are observed to facilitate communication.

  1. Post only list-appropriate messages. While maybe amusing, certain jokes may not be welcome by others. While maybe noble, calls to action for certain non-list-related causes can only be done with the permission of the moderator. Commercial plugs can only be done under special circumstances.
  2. Spam is not allowed. Ever.
  3. If you're new to the list, please take time to read the archives of previous messages. You may find answers to your questions there.
  4. Frequent use of ALL CAPS reflects poor breeding. Use it only if you have to.
  5. You may unsubscribe anytime, without informing the list owner or moderator.
  6. Please visit this page later. New rules will be added. Old ones may be changed without prior notice.