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  • macOS Finder misbehaving, unresponsive, crashing

This occasionally happens after upgrade. The behavior has been observed in macOS High Sierra and, earlier, in OS X Yosemite 10.10x series.

Solution: On Finder, press Command+Shift+G and go to


Locate the file “” and delete it.


The alternative is to delete the file from the commandline or Terminal:


Reboot the machine afterwards. Or from the commandline:

sudo shutdown -r now "Restarting Now"

  • Display of “?” after failed upgrade

Solution: (Re)install using full macOS (macOS High Siera 10.3). Steps:

1. format medium (USB drive with at least 8GB) on MacOS Extended using Disk Utility create bootable

2. mount a full version of the new macOS version and from there, issue a command similar to this:

sudo << /Applications/Install\ >>  macOS\ High\ -- volume /Volumes/UNTITLED && say Boot Installer Complete

For old machines, you may use High Sierra patcher.

3. Boot medium with Options pressed.