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LMS Helpdesk

Within a moodLearning-supported learning management system (LMS), this Helpdesk facilitates the resolutions of issues and concerns from users.

Help desk view for administrator and/or help desk answerer. _

This is where the administrator and/or help desk answerer can search for a question based on its status assigned to any answerer.

Here you can see that the administrator search for questions with status “New” and assigned to “Any Answerer”.


Once the administrator click on one of the questions listed, this screen wil appear. Here, the answerer can reply to the question, assign a helper, add a watcher, and tag the question. _ _

The administrator and/or answerer can reply to the question by clicking the “Reply to question” link. _

This will open a new page with the “Notes” box for the answer and an “Update status” drop down box. _