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Internship Guidelines


moodLearning is privileged to host interns. Over the years, moodLearning has been working with interns with diverse backgrounds (computer science, information technology, industrial engineering and other engineering programs, business, social sciences), as the organization tries to be a positive influence in the development and career choices of students. moodLearning is proud to be an internship destination of top schools in Metro Manila and even of some schools from the provinces and abroad. Providing an effective mentoring relationship between interns and moodLearning staff is at the core of our internship program.

Here are some of the guidelines on moodLearning internship.


  • Internship or on-the-job training at moodLearning is unpaid. However, for certain projects where interns demonstrate high-level skills, they are given token honoraria.
  • Interns are expected to use moodLearning's project management platform to keep track of their projects.
  • Unsatisfactory performance of duties and responsibilities, together with absenteeism and tardiness, is a ground for dismissal from the internship program.
  • Your training at moodLearning is beneficial to both yourself and moodLearning. Don't let it be a one-way affair.
  • Interns are advised to bring their own laptops.

Group Work

  • Learn basic teamwork skills and other related competences. See also “7 Pitfalls of Collaboration” (
  • Whenever possible, commit codes and other output documents through a Git system at moodLearning. Consult your supervisor for your setup.
  • Refrain from deleting anything unless with expressed permission from all groupmates and the Sysad, unless work is committed through a versioning system.
  • Always back up files before applying changes.
  • Document group process.

Priority Interests

Intership projects vary from time to time. Here are some of the interests around which certain skills of interns will be developed:

  • project management
  • decision support system
  • community-based digital literacy
  • technology-enhanced climate adaptation
  • interactive learning package development
  • data visualization
  • open-source device driver development
  • Android app development


Expressions of interest or applications may be sent to Shelly ([email protected]). Slots are limited. Early applications are encouraged.

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