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How to use WebPA on your LMS

Enable WebPA

  • Add it as an Activity
  • Select the External Tool option
  • Under the External Tool Settings, fill out Activity Name, External Tool Type (Automatic), Launch URL:

Once successful, you'll see this notification:

  • Under Launch Container, set Default
  • Privacy settings, just use default
  • Click the Save and display button

Once done, you should see this page:


That's it! Then you can instruct your students to rate each other's contribution to a group work.

Setting up WebPA

Creating Forms

  • Login admin account in WebPA
  • Click My Forms


  • Create a Form


  • Name the new form and select the type of scoring criteria that you want to use. There are 2 options: Likert Scale and Split 100. See picture below.


  • Then click Finish
  • Next, add Criterion. You need to add criterion before you can use this form

_ Type in your criterion phrase and then select the range you will allow for this criteria, click Next _ Then add the score description _ _

Creating Groups

  • Select My Groups


  • Click Create Groups


  • Name the new group


  • Select how many groups you want to create
  • If you are auto-creating groups, decide how the groups will be named, e.g. Group X or Team X.
  • Select the style numbering for the new groups


  • Confirm the settings are correct before proceeding


  • Now, you can add students to the group you created by clicking the group editor.


  • To edit an individual group and its members click on edit group in the list below.

_ * Tick the IN button next to the student you want to add into the group then click Save Changes _

Creating Assessment

  • Select My Assessments


  • Click Create New Assessment


  • Name the new assessment and how long the assessment will be available

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