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How to install the mLaP service in Moodle

The mLaP Service is an antiplagiarism utility that can be installed in Moodle. It comes pre-installed in Moodle systems customized, maintained, or serviced by moodLearning.

But if you're only starting with moodLearning services, here's how to set up the mLaP Service in Moodle. Steps 1-4 are to be done by the Site Administrator.

1. Install the plugin

Install the plugin in Moodle, just like any other Moodle plugin. Or you can skip this part and ask moodLearning Support Team to do it in your behalf.

2. enable plagiarism plugins

Once installed successfully, go to Advanced features of the Site Administration page to activate plagiarism plugins site-wide. _


3. enable mLap Service

After enabling plagiarism plugins, go to the Plagiarism settings


to also enable mLap


4. Set mLap Task Schedule

Go to Site Administration/Server/Scheduled tasks.


Choose mLaP scheduler and click the gear icon.


Edit base on your desired schedule and click save changes.


Notes specially of the cron schedule. That will determine interval between scans of documents for plagiarism check.


See also Moodle Scheduled Tasks

Once done, go to Site Administration | Development, and purge all caches.

With mLap enabled site-wide, the Assignment activity of the course can already use the mLap Service for checking plagiarism. Here's how:

…or this.

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