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Portable eLearning System


The portable eLearning system (PeLS) enables learners to use instructional materials offline, materials that are otherwise accessible only to those with internet connection. This eLearning service can complement certain online learning management systems (LMS) for greater reach and greater convenience for learners who may not have consistent internet access.

PeLS can host standards-based materials like SCORM packages.

PeLS Installation

Here are the steps in installing PeLS locally (preferably a harddrive that's less than 70% full):

Step 1: Copy the PeLS locally and open the PeLS folder. (PeLS, together with client-specified contents, is offered as part of a service package from moodLearning.)

Step 2: Start the portable app by double-clicking PeLS Start.


Step 3: Click PeLS Start.


Step 4: PeLS will start to initialize. Wait until initialization is complete. This can take a while, depending on the specs of your hardware. Subsequent use should be faster.



Step 5: Mozilla Firefox will load and redirect user to the PeLS login page. The user can now login with their account (screenshot of sample module below).


More Info

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