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SerbizHub Helpdesk User Tips

Tips for the Staff


  • Messages sent through SMS are indicated as relayed messages from a sending number through a SerbizHub email.


To reply to a SMS message, just click on the message and write your reply like any other ticket on the Helpdesk.

As the phone number of the sender is supplied, the staff may reply and call the sender, depending on your organization's policy.


For some organizations, the prioritization is just “first in, first one.” For others, it may be cycling through certain dates. The Helpdesk's default order by date is: oldest message first. To change the display from oldest message to the latest, just click on the “Date” tab.


Similarly, if you want to change the order of messages sent to various departments, click on “Department” tab.

Canned Responses

To create a template for frequently written responses, go to Knowledgebase tab and under Canned Responses. These responses may include templates used by all departments or by specific ones.