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Family Heritage Grove

The Family Heritage Grove Project is a tree planting initiative. The Project seeks to make the growing of trees 'relational' and 'social' by relating it to special family events like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. Special attention is given to native trees (like Narra, Lawaan, Magkuno, etc.) or trees endemic to the area. The use of tree guards or fences is recommended in the initial years.

A family would identify a plot or area where native trees could be grown in memory of their loved ones or where such trees could be planted to mark special family occasions. Certain family recreational activities (like picnic) could later be held in such plot.


Recommended distance between trees: 60 ft. Recommended dimension for the hole per tree: 1x1x1 meter.

Once the grove is established, it could be geolocated (using, for example, UTM Geo Map) and data points reported for aggregation. Email data to [email protected]


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Photos taken by: Teresita Mordeno Salino, Cherry Salino Naing, Primacar Resullar Subibi and Urphe Ian Resullar