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document management for the enterprise, powered by moodLearning.


  • secure, data privacy-compliance platform for storing, sharing, publicizing data and files
  • integration and access options, including: webdav, SharePoint, Object Storage
  • accessible via web browser or cross-platform sync client (mobile - Android, iOS; desktop - Windows, Mac)
  • file-access control; granular file-sharing
  • push notification
  • useful apps including calendar, contacts, schedules, tasks, bookmarking
  • authentication options including OpenID, LDAP

These features are only as good as the people running and using the document management system. That is why moodLearning seeks to boost the “peopleware” aspect of our service, which comes with training.



SerbizDox is best deployed with training on

  • data management and data lifecycle
  • encryption tools and techniques
  • document collaboration
  • archiving techniques
  • data safety and data privacy compliance
  • business continuity and disaster recovery