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Bill Gayes and a janitress: a parable

One fine Sunday morning, a billionaire tech tycoon named Bill Gayes, went to a farmer's market in Seattle to check out some locavore, organic produce. As he was walking around, he reached in his pocket for a list of items he wanted to buy when he accidentally dropped a hundred dollar bill. A few steps later he realized he dropped some bill. When he looked back, he saw a begar holding a hundred bill, motioning to return the money to him. Bill felt compassion and said, “it's ok… you can have it.”

Thousands of miles away from the Seattle farmer's market is a single mother in Manila working as janitress in one of Bill Gayes's outsourcing companies. Returning from her night-shift work feeling exhausted, she was about to take a tricycle when she noticed a boy approaching her, begging for food. Without hesitation, she reached for some money when she realized she barely has enough for her ride. Feeling compasion for the boy, she gave him fifty pesos (about a dollar), her last money, reached for some food left in her bag, and decided to just walk home.