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-Integrating Zoom Meeting in My.eTraining.PH consists 3 parts: Zoom Administration side, My.eTraining Site Administration side, and Course Management side. 
-====== 1. Zoom Administration side ====== 
-======2. My.eTraining Site Administration side====== 
-To enable Zoom Meeting tool site-wide, go to Site Administration | Plugins | External Tool | **Manage Tools** to get to these settings: \\ 
-[{{ ::enable_zoom_tool_sitewide.png?nolink&500 |Enable the **Zoom Meeting** tool site-wide by configuring it manually.}}] 
-Then you'll get to the **External Tool Configuration** that includes the following options: \\  
-[{{ ::zoom_tool_settings.png?nolink&400 |Paste into this screen data from your Zoom LTI Pro Configuration}}] 
-Here you need to paste the following info from your Zoom LTI Pro Settings\\ 
-  * LTI URL 
-  * LTI Key 
-  * LTI Secret 
- to fill in your "Tool URL", "Consumer key", "Shared secret" data fields respectively. 
-Make sure you pick "Embed without blocks" under **Default launch container**. 
-{{tag>"LMS How-Tos"}} 
-====== See Also ====== 
-  * [[Google Meet-My-eTraning-PH Integration]]