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-====== Why an eLibrary System ====== 
-An eLibrary is a repository of digital resources organized according to the needs of partner institutions. See [[tips-for-elib-contributors|Tips for eLibrary Contributors]]. 
-{{ ::​repositories.png?​600 |}} 
-===== Institutional Memory, Local Knowledge, Specialized Knowledge ===== 
-  * an archive of documents, photos, presentation slides, videos, audio files 
-  * a repository of lesson plans, learning portfolios, records 
-  * taking stock of local resources and knowledge 
-  * a repository of specialized knowledge on community concerns (e.g., disaster risk management, solid waste management, project management) 
-===== eLearning Materials ===== 
-  * ebooks (licensed or donated, open resource, creative commons, etc) to augment available analog learning resources. ​ 
-  * instructional videos 
-  * multimedia materials 
-In remote areas with little available up-to-date, quality educational resources and internet connectivity,​ the need for such materials is even urgent. Paper books are hard to ship to these places. \\ 
-It also appears that young people, even in rural areas, are getting more comfortable with digital materials, seeking to consume more and more digital contents. 
-===== Platform for Sharing ===== 
-  * electronic resources that can be shared internally or with the public 
-  * official statements, documents, downloadbles meant for sharing with an audience 
-=====See Also===== 
-[[elibrary-system|Tambayayong eLibrary System]] (TeLS)