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-====== USB Drive ====== +
-  * Important files should not be stored in fake or counterfeit drives, which can be detected using tools like [[https://​​blog/​download/​did/​77/​|H2testw]],​ [[http://​​documents/​release-2-0|FakeFlashTest]],​ [[https://​​ckfinder/​userfiles/​images/​files/​Flash_Drive_Tester_v114.exe|USB Flash Drive Tester]], [[http://​​wpfb_dl=4381|ChipGenius]]. Fake drives are prone to errors. +
-  * Know the flash write limit of your drive, and estimate when you might need to have it changed. But for really important files that need to be passed around using a frash drive, have it changed periodically (depending on utilization). +
-  * Power faults scramble your data. So have more backup and data integrity checks if and when you suspect you're affected by erratic power. +
-  * Encrypt sensitive information using [[https://​​misc/​truecrypt/​truecrypt.htm|TrueCrypt]] or [[https://​|VeraCrypt]].+