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-====== Tips on Legit Mass Mail Distribution ====== 
-  * Follow mass distribution guidelines from recipients'​ providers ([[https://​​mail/​answer/​81126?​hl=en-Hant|Google]],​ [[http://​​kb/​index?​y=PROD&​page=content&​id=SLN3433&​actp=search&​viewlocale=en_US&​searchid=1379750606335&​locale=en_US&​y=|Yahoo]],​ [[http://​​mail/​policies.aspx|Outlook/​Hotmail]]) 
-  * Include unsubscribe option in your mail 
-  * Use header of "​Precedence:​ bulk" in the mass mail  
-  * Abide by [[https://​​html/​rfc2822|RFC2822'​s email writing rules]] 
-  * Use correctly set-up, SMTP-capable mail server instead of ordinary mass mailing software that leaves a flaggable signature 
-  * Avoid using email lists bought from shady mass marketers as they may contain marked email addresses