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-====== Tambayayong eLibrary Project Sustainability ====== 
-===== Tambayayong eLibrary System ===== 
-  * The hardware that runs the [[elibrary-system|TeLS]] is expected to break in 3 years. But utilization mileage can vary. Project champions are encouraged to start looking for resources the soonest to back up the contents of TeLS and replace or upgrade [[elibrary-system|the system]] in due time. The hardware may also last longer if they are maintained with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). 
-===== Tambayayong eLib Box ===== 
-  * maintenance issues [[technical-notes-library-in-a-box#​Maintenance|are covered here]]. ​ 
-  * We don't have our own baseline info yet from the field on the wear and tear of the hardware that runs [[library-box|eLibrary in a Box]]. But [[https://​​questions/​38321/​raspberry-pi-lifespan-reliability|reports elsewhere]] indicate the microcomputer Raspberry Pi can run up to 3 years. So keep your fingers crossed. The odds of the hardware not breaking should also improved if it's on a UPS. 
-  * The microSD card used in the [[library-box|Library in a Box]] is expected to break ahead of the microcomputer itself. So standby replacements are in order.\\ \\ Newer, bigger-capacity cards are also needed to accommodate more, newer materials for periodic updates. 
-===== eLib Contents ===== 
-  * Contents on the [[elibrary-system|TeLS]] are self-curated by host institutions or schools. Partners are encouraged to have their own curation program, preferably led by their own librarians. ​ 
-  * Contents on the [[library-box|eLib Box]] are curated by [[http://​|Tambayayong Mainit]]. But other organizations can fork the system to include a different set of contents. For the "​official"​ periodic release of the system, the latest version is supposed to be better than previous ones.  
-  * Suggestions to improve the contents of both TeLS and eLib Box contents may be posted via [[https://​​forms/​d/​e/​1FAIpQLSfNNL7BOUdJfneanrpv3fNkOB7V1WvX0Q3sBnXE-zW6BEdjiA/​viewform|this online form]]. \\ \\ Teachers and librarians should take the lead in determining the contents of the eLib.