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_ moodLearning dokuWiki is a public-facing wiki of SerbizHub and moodLearning. Affiliates and partners are most welcome to use it. moodLearning is a “one-stop shop” for eLearning and technology services in the Philippines. SerbizHub is its trademark for technology services for the enterprise.

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Enterprise Tools


  • SerbizMarketing - digital marketing solutions
  • document-management - a moodLearning service for safely storing and sharing files
  • contract-management - manage contracts efficiently using a collaborative platform
  • ml-explainer - multimedia package for social media sharing, website embedding
  • peopleSuite middleware - payroll made easy by connecting your biometric devices to your human resource information system (HRIS)
  • serbizhub-mail - enterprise-grade email service for your custom domain
  • SerbizHub Helpdesk - to traffic the voluminous messages coming your way and ensure none of them get dropped by neglect.

eLearning, Learning Management System (LMS), Media-rich Elearning Packages, Online Learning Support

Learning Management System (LMS), Media-rich eLearning Packages, Online Learning Support – these are some of the services moodLearning offers primarily to our Philippine partners. Tools relating to such services are also available.


Some of the related technology support services that moodLearning offers include the following:


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