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-====== Accounts ====== 
-Businesses and organizations can avail of **SerbizHub  
-Email** accounts on a subscription basis. The accounts are  
-custom emails and use the name of the organization as an account's domain  
-name. An organization named "Example" will have an email  
-address ""\\ 
-Contact **** to request for quotations.  
-====== Features====== 
-{{ :serbizhub_mail.png?nolink&250|}} 
-**SerbizHub Email** has these advantageous features: 
-  * robust backup system. In a rare event that the main SerbizHub Email goes down, gets congested, or becomes unreachable, messages sent to our accounts get automatically routed to a backup Mail Exchange server. So no missed mail!\\ 
-  * accessibility using diverse devices (mobile, desktop client, website)\\ 
-  * regularly scanned for  security and privacy threats. Viruses and malwares are quarantined automatically.\\ 
-  * unlikely to be mistaken for a spam because SerbizHub Email accounts are well set up and properly signed and authenticated. Test it for yourself [[|here]]! To avoid your email being tagged as spam, follow [[Tips_for_sending_non-spammy_emails|these tips]].\\ 
-  * numerous message filter options, including sending copies of received messages to your other email accounts\\ 
-  * Groupware with Calendar, Addressbook, Events, Tasks. See [[Screenshots-SerbizHub_Mail_Groupware|SerbizHub Mail Groupware - Screenshots]]. Events are downloadable as WebDAV ICS or WebDAV XML that can be integrated into your existing calendar apps.\\ 
- Events can have Invitees and Slots.\\ 
-{{ :serbizhub_groupware.png?300 |}} 
-====== Configuration With Mail Clients====== 
-For your access device, you may configure your mail client using [[post_serbizhub_mail_settings|these settings]]. 
-====== Process Flow ====== 
-Ignore this section if you're not keen on learning about the intricacies  
-of email communication. It's not as simple as it looks. This is  
-how our emails flow:\\ 
-{{ :mail_process.png?nolink&400 |}} 
-====== Support ====== 
-**Technical Support:** 
-**Subscription Sign-up:**