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-====== Troubleshooting ====== 
-* The wifi access point is no longer visible to laptops and other access devices.\\ 
-{{ ::​mikrotiki-powersupply-part11391161548m.jpg?​100|}} 
-//Double check if the power supply still works. Use a multitester to check for absence/​presence of power. If your site is using a Mikrotik router ([[https://​​product/​RBMetal2SHPn|Metal 2SHPn Wi-Fi hotspot Access Point]]), note that its power adapter has 24 volts 0.8 ampere rating.// ​ 
-//the power supply connects to the access point via a PoE (power over ethernet) injector.// 
-{{::​injector-part101391160012m.jpg?​50 |}} 
-{{ ::​mikrotik_metal_2shpn_wi-fi_hotspot_access_point-773_l.jpg?​200|}} 
-//When confirmed that the power supply is dead, buy a replacement power supply with the same power rating. Stores like Lazada and CD-R King may carry such replacement item. A variation in terms of amperage (say 1A) can also be a replacement. You may have to use the end jack of the line from the old dead power supply if the new one doesn'​t fit. Note of the polarity and be careful not to mix up "​+"​ and "​-"​ Maintain polarity from the old power supply.//