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-====== Network Diagnostic Tips ====== 
-To just say that a site is inaccessible is hardly helpful to its administrators. Please help us address the issue head on by using the following tips: 
-**1. Run a traceroute from your commandline and from an independent site.**\\ 
-From the command line of your computer, run on **Windows** \\ 
-  tracert 
-On **Mac** or **Linux**\\ 
-  traceroute 
-{{ ::​myportal_traceroute_screenshot.png?​nolink&​600 |}} 
-Please send the whole result to\\ 
-From an independent diagnostic site like [[http://​|]],​ a traceroute result would look like this 
-{{ ::​nwtools_traceroute.png?​nolink |}} 
-In both cases, the traceroute instances suggest that MyPortal is reachable. In the event that your local traceroute fails but the one from third-party works, please report the issue to your local Internet service provider (ISP).\\ 
-**2. Change your computer'​s DNS.** \\ 
-It's possible that your local ISP's DNS (Domain Name System) is acting erratically. Change it to some reliable DNS like Google'​s ( or or those ( ​ or from OpenDNS. 
-{{ ::​mac_dns.png?​nolink&​500 |}} 
-DNS is like the phone book of the Internet. It keeps track of website names like\\ 
-**3. Help trace possible packet loss with MTR.**\\ 
-Using an admin or root account, run this from the command line\\ 
-   mtr 
-That should display something like this: 
-{{ ::​myportal_mtr.png?​nolink |}} 
-Send your own results to\\ 
-**4. Test your site's DNS.**\\ 
-Diagnostic sites like [[http://​|Pingdom]] can help your administrator figure out the issue. Report if you find anything strange. ​