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 All submissions All submissions
-===== {[moodle. ???]} ===== +===== {[course. ???]} =====
-This is replaced by the site data from the site. This data you filled in in Site Administration >> Home Settings >> Edit Settings+
-In place of ???you can put any of the columns of the course table (id = 1). The main ones being:+In place of ???you can place any of the columns of the course table. The main ones being:
-{[moodle.fullname]} - Replaces with full Site Name+  * **{[course.category]}** - Replaces with category ID; 
-{[moodle.shortname]} - Replaces with short Site Name+  * **{[course.fullname]}** - Replaces with full course name
-{[moodle.summary]} - Replaces with Site Summary+  * **{[course.shortname]}** - Replaces with short course name
-{[]} - extra - Replaces with Moodle access link. Already in HTML format; +  * **{[course.summary]}** - Replaces with course summary
-{[moodle.wwwroot]} - extra - Replaces with Moodle access URL. It'the same as in Moodle's config.php.+  * **{[]}** - extra - Replaces with the course access link. Already in HTML format; 
 +  * **{[course.url]}** - extra - Replaces with the course access link, without the HTML tags. 
 +Only in events that have event->objecttable == 'course'