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 ====== MOOCs Without Internet ====== ====== MOOCs Without Internet ======
 {{ :​moocs.png?​400 |}} {{ :​moocs.png?​400 |}}
 +**MOOCs Without Internet** (MOOCsWO.NET) is a project aimed at bringing MOOCs (massive open online courses) to remote areas in the Philippines where there'​s hardly any usable Internet connection. MOOCsWO.NET courses are accessible via stand-alone wifi. Just deal with the seeming apparent oxymoron. (What'​s with "​online"​ and "​without Internet"?​) It's the courses themselves we're bringing to remote areas, not the Internet.
 == Accessing MOOCs w/o Net == == Accessing MOOCs w/o Net ==
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  3. Click //Upload users//  3. Click //Upload users//